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Young pewdiepie

Pewdiepie young PewDiePie's 'Anti

Pewdiepie is extremely unfunny and cringe for his age, his fan base is even worse. : unpopularopinion

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6 Reasons PewDiePie is actually a good influence for his young audience.

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YouTube Star PewDiePie Turns Out to Be a Horrible Racist

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PewDiePie: Why Did the Christchurch Shooter Name

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Pewdiepie young

Pewdiepie young

So, while PewDiePie continues to discuss subjects that are not exactly kid-friendly, I will keep my younger one busy with other options in the meantime.

  • Felix received a certificate from The Guinness Book of Records as the YouTuber with the most significant amount of subscribers.

The girl wrote to the blogger that she liked the content he creates.

  • As it turned out, many of them are much higher than the average male height accepted in the world.

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